【电影原声】Aaron – U-Turn (Lili) 

法国温情电影《我会好起来》(je vais bien, ne t’en fait pas)是菲利浦·里奥雷执导的最后一部影片。


电影主题曲“U-Turn Lili”由法国二人组合Aaron创作;黑暗和忧郁的Ballade pop使他们为众人所知。2007年Aaron首张专辑《Artificial Animals Riding On Neverland》在风格上继承了他们一贯浓厚的pop和捎带一点post-rock的曲风,同时也借鉴了Radiohead乐团的风格。

U-Turn (Lili)

Lili, take another walk out of your fake world,

please put all the drugs out of your hand

you’ll see that you can breath without not back up

some much stuff you got to understand

*for every step in any walk

any town of any thaught

I’ll be your guide

*for every street of any scene

any place you’ve never been

I’ll be your guide

lili,you know there’s still a place for people like us

the same blood runs in every hand

you see its not the wings that makes the angel

just have to move the bats out of your head


lili, easy as a kiss we’ll find an answer

put all your fears back in the shade

don’t become a ghost without no colour

cause you’re the best paint life ever made


U-Turn (Lili)


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