【独立流行】Belle & Sebastian – Read The Blessed Pages


对于Belle & Sebastian,别用太惹眼的话语来形容;仿佛一不小心,便会让不知情的人忽略了那动人微光,便会使他们小小的世界惊动而变了样。

Belle & Sebastian这支独立流行乐团成立于1996年1月的苏格兰格拉斯哥,由Stuart Murdoch和Stuart David组成。乐团的名字来源于法国作家 Cecile Aubry 所著的一本儿童读物《Belle et Sebastien》。现签约于英国的 Rough Trade Records 和美国的 Matador Records 厂牌之下。

《Read The Blessed Pages》

Love and pain and sorrow
Keep the band together
She was like my soul mate
Whispered in my ear
Love was playing music
It was all we wanted
Making plastic records
Of our history

How I knew it mattered
To a certain person
Heard the boy in London
Called out from the crowd
Said something that echoes
To me ten years later
Wishing that he still called
Like he called that night

Pulling songs from thin air
Pulling songs from bridges
Smell the air in small towns
Where the train line stops
Ever will I love you
Now your chapters over
Ever will I love you
You were good to me

Now a pain in memory
Is a cherished story
Moan about the present
Venerate the past
Love is like a novel
Read the blessed pages
Did I do my best dear
That is all you ask

Read The Blessed Pages


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